Power2People: Engaging Customers in The Energy Transition


BRUSSELS – Momentum is building behind increased customer participation in the energy transition. Partnerships between the power sector, policymakers, key sectors (transport, building, industry) and financial institutions are needed to tackle the remaining stumbling blocks and ensure that customers firmly embrace decarbonisation.

Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric said:

“Most customers are unaware that electric solutions can cut their carbon footprint while saving them money. Stepping up collaboration between the energy ecosystem, governments, financial institutions and customers is critical to closing the yawning information gap that hinders the adoption of carbon neutral, energy efficient, electric solutions.”

The Fit for 55 Package embeds the role of electric solutions and calls for further customer empowerment. Yet, customers have different attitudes, as shown by a Eurelectric and Accenture survey: while some are active adopters of new services (21%); others try to find their way (24%) or seek a pure hassle-free service (37%).

How can we more effectively empower customers in the energy transition? Eurelectric recommends:

  • Developing government-certified information systems that estimate the carbon footprint and costs of electric solutions versus incumbent technologies. More than a quarter of respondents don’t know that companies offer more than supply. However, 73% to 92% of those who try them are satisfied with new energy services and products, including home energy generation, electric mobility and heating solutions, services for energy savings and access to financial support.
  • Removing ad-hoc taxes and levies on electricity and allocating them to the state budget. 23-36% of respondents find electric heating, home generation and EVs too expensive, with high upfront costs. Financial support, co-investment with private parties and de-risking of investments through public guarantees are therefore key.
  • Creating partnerships that improve the energy experience. Such cross-sector collaborations bring considerable opportunities to facilitate the creation of infrastructure, market conditions and business models for broad uptake of decarbonised energy solutions.

A comprehensive list of Eurelectric policy proposals to enable a customer driven energy transition, as well as concrete examples of innovative services developed by electricity suppliers can be accessed here. 


Over 90 European electricity retailers co-signed 15 pledges to customers in 2020, committing themselves to empower 200 million residential customers with affordable, transparent and simple services and electric solutions. Eurelectric and Accenture conducted a survey on 2,000 consumers in 10 European countries, to track the progress.


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