JinkoSolar Announced 100MW PV Project in Hungary

solar plant

JinkoSolar Holding Co. has announced that as a demonstration project for China to actively promote the global transformation of green and low-carbon energy, the 100MW PV project in Kaposvar, Hungary, for which JinkoSolar deployed 50MW of its high-efficiency modules, has been selected for the white paper “China’s Energy Development in the New Era” released by The State Council Information Office.

This project is the largest PV power plant in Hungary, and even in Central Europe; it is also one of the key projects for exchanges and cooperation between China and Hungary in the field of environmental protection and green development. Once this project will be connected to the grid, it will generate 130 million degrees of electricity per year, saving 45,000 tons of standard coal and reducing 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which will help promote the development plan of “Rebuilding A Sustainable City” in Kaposvar and will accelerate the way to achieve the ambitious goal of an energy structure transformation in Hungary. The successful implementation of the project not only significantly improves the level of clean energy utilization in this region, but also provides a positive demonstration for future projects, which will help Hungary achieve the carbon neutrality goal soon. This project has also a positive impact for China in helping reduce the cost of global renewable energy.

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