JA Solar Supplies Largest Single PV Project in Guam with All Modules


JA Solar recently announced that it supplies all PV modules needed to complete an 88MW project in Guam. Invested in and constructed by Korea Electric Power, the project will be the largest single PV plant in Guam.

Located on an island and in an environment with strong winds, the project has stricter than usual requirements for backside mechanical load and degradation rate of the module. After communication and comparison of products from multiple module manufacturers, Korea Electric Power finally selected JA Solar to be the exclusive module supplier of the project.

Korea Electric Power is the largest electric utility in South Korea and responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and the development of electric power projects. With JA Solar’s high-quality products and services, stable financial advantage and solid industry reputation, Korea Electric Power has established a good cooperative relationship with JA Solar. In 2020, the two companies signed a framework cooperation agreement, and recently launched cooperation on new projects. In addition to cooperation in the local South Korean market, the two sides also maintain close communication and exchange in overseas markets, jointly promoting the development and utilization of solar energy in global markets.

Since JA Solar’s entry into the South Korean PV market in 2011, it has built an excellent reputation and a loyal customer base in the fast growing market with its high-quality products and services. JA Solar’s high-efficiency products have obtained product certification from the Korean Industrial Standards (KS), and have been recognized by local industry media and customers. In 2018, JA Solar officially set up a South Korean branch to provide more timely and efficient support and services for local customers. In 2019, the branch won the “Best Market Performance Award” of South Korea Solar/ESS Industry.

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