ISGF Launches Online Training Program on Blockchain for Energy & Utilities from 07 Jan 2021


ISGF has launched an Online Training Program on Blockchain for Energy and Utilities. The training sessions for this program will be held from 07 January 2021 to 05 February 2021. This training program will introduce the participants with the technology; deep dive into the applications and platforms; address the maturity of blockchain technology; share relevant power sector use cases regulations and policy support required to incorporate these use cases. The training will be conducted in two formats – live online training (where participants can attend the live session by the tutors and ask the queries in real time) and recorded online training (where participants especially working professionals can watch the recorded video as per their schedule and comfort). This is a certified program by ISGF for both live and recorded training program. A very nominal fee is charged from the participants so that maximum number of students and working professionals can take the benefit of the program and learn about Blockchain Technology.

About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a distributed, digital transaction technology that allows for securely storing data and executing smart contracts in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Rather than being controlled by one entity, blockchain is spread across multiple systems and uses a form of data logging to ensure that the information cannot be changed or corrupted by anyone else. By decentralizing data and protecting the way it is managed, blockchain promotes transparency and the sharing of information.

Blockchain technology has been considered as the next big technological breakthrough which finds its way from online transaction to e-governance and has tremendous potential across all the sectors e.g. financial sector, logistics and supply chain, energy sector etc.

Blockchain for Energy and Utilities

Blockchain has attracted the attention of the power industry with its potential to unleash an energy revolution in which both electric utilities and consumers will produce and sell electricity. The booming demand and increased growth of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, batteries, microgrids, electric vehicle charging and embedded networks has moved the power balance from centralized agencies to the edges of the grid. Blockchain could offer a reliable, low-cost way for financial or operational transactions to be recorded and validated across a distributed network with no central point of authority. All that’s required to bring the revolution into the mainstream is an energy market model that takes power from central players’ hands and puts customers in command of a co-created future.

While there are more than 24 use cases of blockchain technology in the power sector, the one that is currently gaining the most attention is P2P power trading, where small-scale generation owners may directly sell excess energy to other consumers. Energy trading in P2P network is enabled through smart contracts executed on blockchain. Blockchain-enabled technologies can add to the speed of adoption as they can be applied to applications for Community Net Metering, Virtual Net Metering, EV Charging, Virtual Power Plant etc.

ISGF experience in Blockchain Technology

India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) has been working with the electricity distribution companies in India to accelerate adoption of innovative smart grid technologies including renewable energy and electric vehicle integration with the electricity grids and have partnered with large number of technology providers, utilities, think tanks and entrepreneurs from around the world to introduce emerging technologies in India. ISGF in partnership with the Australian technology firm, Power Ledger is implementing a pilot project in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh (India) on P2P Trading of Solar Energy on Blockchain platform. ISGF is also the India Chapter for Energy Blockchain Consortium, USA and Energy Web Foundation (EWF).

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