Iran to Export Green Energy to Neighbors


Iran Power Generation Transmission & Distribution Company (Tavanir) has received the go-ahead from the country’s Ministry of Energy to export electricity to the neighbouring nations.

The potential destinations include Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan to receive between 1,000 MW and 1,500 MW per day. Renewable electricity produced from planned projects will be transmitted abroad for eight months of the year, while during the remaining four months when there is an imbalance between production and consumption, it will be supplied for domestic use. The latest approval is expected to help attract investment in renewable power plants. Backed by private investors and USD5 billion financed by the National Development Fund, Iran hopes to generate 20,000 MW of green electricity per day by 2027 under a comprehensive green energy drive. As per the scheme, the output is expected to hit 50,000 MW per day by 2031.

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