EcoEnergy Insights Installs and Commissions 1,000th IoT-enabled Site in India

EcoEnergy Insights Installs and Commissions 1,000th IoT-enabled Site in India with Latest CORTIXedge™ Controller


BENGALURU, India : EcoEnergy Insights announced it has successfully installed and commissioned the 1,000th third-generation CORTIXedge controller in India. The CORTIXedge controller is an intelligent IoT device that can integrate with, monitor, and control facility equipment typically installed in commercial business facilities. The hardware enables businesses to connect their sites to the cloud and manage air quality, temperature compliance, and energy, fuel and water usage. EcoEnergy Insights is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

We are proud of this accomplishment validating our approach and the work we do to help our customers use IoT to achieve their strategic goals, such as providing a better indoor environment for their customers and becoming more energy efficient,” said Mansoor Ahmad, Managing Director, EcoEnergy Insights. “The CORTIXedge system’s IoT stack will play a significant role in helping commercial businesses expand their operations efficiently. It also opens up more possibilities to use the award-winning CORTIX AI platform’s capabilities to achieve further benefits.

The CORTIXedge system enables businesses that operate light commercial infrastructures – such as convenience stores, restaurants, gyms, salons, and clinics – to not only go digital, but also effectively manage their geographically dispersed building network operations and benefit from emerging technologies. The system’s software orchestrator, called the CORTIXedge cockpit, enables quicker and more intelligent remote monitoring and control of connected sites. Intuitive dashboards are provided by the CORTIXedge application to control linked equipment health, occupant comfort and safety and energy efficiency.

We have been working with industry leaders across retail, banking, and food service and are committed to bringing the best of global cutting-edge technologies to support the growth of our customers in India and enable true digital transformation across their network of sites,” said HAPS Dhillon, General Manager & Global Practice Head, EcoEnergy Insights.

EcoEnergy Insights has been a pioneer in driving AI and IoT-driven programs for leading retailers, restaurant operators and retail bankers in the country. Its current deployment base covers over 3,000 stores, restaurants and bank branches in India across 549 cities, spanning the length and breadth of the country.

To learn more about the CORTIXedge system, visit our website

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