Hoymiles Unveiled World’s First Three-Phase Microinverter


HANGZHOU- Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc. rolled out new models of its lineup of three-phase microinverters, the world’s first three-phase microinverters with reactive power control, and single-phase microinverters that support modules with higher capacities, in a bid to help clients reduce costs while ensuring quality performance.

Hoymiles has successfully developed the world’s first three-phase microinverters with reactive power control technology. The Company’s models of the three-phase microinverters, HMT-2250 and HMT-1800, can significantly improve the performances of power distribution. Voltage stability is key to power distribution; failing to ensure stable voltage can lead to damages of distribution grids. Equipped with reactive power control technology, Hoymiles’ latest three-phase microinverters can efficiently solve the issue, reduce costs and support up to six modules while ensuring quality performance of power distribution and simple installations.

The three-phase microinverters can be used in the general 230V/400V three-phase electric power distribution and are widely considered the most cost-effective solutions for commercial and industrial installations. The Company’s three-phase microinverters can generate up to 2250VA output, adapted to mainstream high-powered photovoltaic modules.

Meanwhile, Hoymiles has upgraded its flagship range of single-phase microinverters that carry the highest output power in the market to meet the industry needs to fit larger modules. The 1-in-1 microinverter model is now available in 400W, while the 2-in-1 microinverter model supports 800W. Such new models are able to invert more electricity compared to other products.

“We’ve successfully developed and rolled out our three-phase microinverters as we achieved breakthroughs in conversion efficiency and integration after many years of hard work. The model is the world’s first three-phase microinverter that supports reactive power regulation, which will effectively expand the application scenarios of microinverters,” Zhao Yi, Deputy General Manager and Head of the Research and Development Center of Hoymiles, said. “The product’s safety, efficiency and high-level of integration features will significantly push forward the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.”

Three-phase microinverters can convert direct current into alternating current and provision it into the public grid. Each microinverter works independently ensuring the maximum power generation of each photovoltaic module, enabling users to control the production of a single photovoltaic module directly and improve the flexibility and reliability of the module system.

Download the datasheet now to get full details for free: http://hoymiles.com

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