Growatt INFINITY 1300: LFP Batteries Redefine Its Sustainability and Stability


Growatt has announced a new member of its power station lineup – INFINITY 1300, boasting 1382Wh capacity and 1800W output, a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery, ultra-fast charging, reliable UPS feature, versatile outlets, and smart energy management. INFINITY 1300 is publicly unveiled on Growatt’s official website since April 3rd.

INFINITY 1300 is a trustworthy and mighty portable power station that outperforms most rivals in the solar generator market. With a 3000+ cycles LiFePO4 battery, INFINITY 1300 can perform efficiently for up to 10 years. Its 1382Wh capacity and 1800W output allow it to power 95% of the essentials, making it a top performer both outdoors and indoors. The charging speed is incredibly fast, taking 1.8 hours to fully charge via AC input. Just like Growatt’s previous models that highlight sustainability and eco-friendless, INFINITY 1300 can be fully charged using solar panels in 2.5 hours. Additionally, it also supports the UPS feature and switches instantly to battery power in 20ms to protect your sensitive loads when the grid power fails. The smart APP makes control smarter and easier. No matter what you’re using it for, INFINITY 1300 is ready to elevate every adventure and make your life more enjoyable.

LFP battery is a more reliable and longer-lasting substitute to traditional batteries which is a major advancement in INFINITY 1300,” said Lisa Zhang, Growatt’s Vice President of Marketing, “Rising user requirements for product longevity and stability led to the emergence of INFINITY 1300. Growatt, as a pioneer strongly rooted in the solar sector and energy storage solutions, precisely meets these requirements with our superior technology and extensive experience with LFP batteries.”

Growatt states that INFINITY 1300 will be available for purchase first in the United States, then in Europe.

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