Go Solar Released New Mexico Periodic Table of Solar Panel Elements

New Mexico Solar Company Publishes Highly Charged Periodic Table of Solar Panel Elements


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Go Solar Group, a residential solar installer in Albuquerque, has created a unique learning tool for New Mexico solar prospects with its “New Mexico Periodic Table of Solar Panel Elements.” The solar-specific periodic table, designed and gridded to appear as a solar module, illustrates key “solar elements” for New Mexico homeowners about how solar panels work. The design is also accompanied by additional “off-the-panel factors” of which New Mexico homeowners should also be aware.

Each of the 36 solar panel elements contains a positive, negative, or neutral “charge,” with neutral charges indicated by “0,” positive charges indicated by a “+” symbol, and negative charges indicated by a “-” symbol. The negative and positive charges each fall on a 2-point scale, indicating their value. This Periodic Table of Solar Elements is designed to help homeowners understand key factors to solar installation, enabling them to traverse the entire solar process from gathering customized New Mexico solar quotes for their homes to installation of the system itself.

“We want to make learning about solar a fun, engaging, and informative process for New Mexico residents,” notes Scott Cramer, President of Go Solar Group. “Solar Panel installation can feel like a daunting task, especially given the widespread misinformation about how it works, solar panels’ return on investment, and the net metering process that comes with installation of a home solar array. As a recent entrant to the market, we want to establish ourselves as an educator, and this content positions us to achieve this outcome,” Cramer concludes.

Learn more about Go Solar Group’s New Mexico Periodic Table of Solar Panel Elements.

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