Go Solar Released Nevada Periodic Table of Solar Elements

Solar company publishes Nevada Solar Panel Periodic Table of Elements


RENO – Go Solar Group, a residential solar installer based in Reno Nevada; and Albuquerque, New Mexico, has published a unique tool to help Nevada homeowners interested in solar learn about solar modules as a complex product with its “Nevada Periodic Table of Solar Elements.”

The table, which looks like a normally gridded solar panel, contains essential “elements” of solar panels and accompanying “off-the-panel factors” that homeowners interested in solar should understand and consider before installation. As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer and battery backup expert, Go Solar Group has taken it upon themselves to educate homeowners about all things solar for Nevadans.

Much like the actual Periodic Table of Elements, Go Solar’ Group’s Nevada Periodic Table of Solar Elements is a complete guide for the topic it covers. Each solar panel element has tiered positive and negative charges, highlighting not just the components of a solar array but also what should be pursued and what should be avoided when objectively searching for a Nevada solar quote and installer.

“This Periodic Table of Nevada Solar Elements creatively showcases the depth and range of our company’s understanding of the standard 7-step path to residential solar in Nevada. “It takes the process behind learning solar and turns it into something creatively engaging and interesting,” notes Scott Cramer, President of Go Solar group. “Given the range of misconceptions about solar in Nevada, this content is useful in educating Nevada homeowners about the viability of solar power for their homes,” Cramer continues.

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