Generac Introduced Powerful Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator

New Guardian 26kW Generator Saves Money and Space


WAUKESHA, Wis. – Generac Power Systems, Inc., a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, today announced the introduction of the new Guardian 26kW Home Standby Generator – the most powerful air-cooled home standby generator available. The Guardian 26kW generator provides 26 kilowatts of peak power, while taking up less space and offering thousands of dollars of savings on purchase and installation compared to competitive home standby generators.

Until now, larger homes were required to install liquid-cooled generators to meet their power needs. The air-cooled Guardian 26kW generates unmatched power, as it delivers at least 28% more starting power than competing large, air-cooled products, meaning it can power up higher peak loads where other products may fail. The Guardian 26kW does all this while taking up 68% less space than liquid-cooled home standby generators that were previously required to provide similar peak output. With 2.6 times more power than Generac’s baseline air-cooled unit, the Guardian 26kW has unparalleled capacity to power large homes in times of power loss.

“The Guardian 26kW home standby generator possesses the innovative, state-of-the-art technology Generac is known for, while being affordable to acquire and install,” said Aaron Jagdfeld, president and chief executive officer of Generac. “The latest addition to our Guardian line continues our mission to make backup power more accessible for everyone as we continue to move towards a future that is not solely reliant on the grid.”

“The Guardian 26kW can save homeowners as much as $8,000 on purchase and install compared to similar output liquid-cooled generators,” said Kyle Raabe, executive vice president and president of Generac’s Consumer Power business group. “That’s because the Guardian 26kW is lighter, smaller, and easier to install, all while boasting Generac’s proven air-cooled engine technology. As the leader in backup power, we’re proud to be able to offer this innovative, cost-saving option to consumers.”

Additionally, the Guardian 26kW is Smart Grid Ready, allowing customers to quickly and seamlessly connect to grid programs and offset their energy costs. Under normal circumstances, the Guardian 26kW functions as a traditional home standby generator and powers the home in the event of an outage. But at times of peak demand, owners can choose to allow the utility to use the generator as a virtual power plant, reducing strain on the electrical grid and offsetting a portion the homeowner’s monthly energy expenses.

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