EVCS Collaborates With LA Fitness Install EV Fast Chargers


ARCADIA, Calif. – EVCS, one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network operators on the West Coast, has announced a collaboration with Fitness International, LLC, a leading health club operator in the United States, to install fast charging stations at fitness centers throughout Southern California. 

EVCS, founded in 2018, owns and operates the largest network of fast charging stations within the City of Los Angeles, which is home to over 250,000 EVs. EVCS continues to expand its network with a focus on installing charging stations at key junctures and commercial sites with high-traffic areas and points of interest including restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, fitness centers, transit centers and city parks. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Fitness International to provide our fast chargers at their Southern California fitness centers,” said Gustavo Occhiuzzo, CEO of EVCS. “In association with one of the largest health club operators in the U.S., EVCS is bringing EV drivers the convenience of fast charging while they workout, making it easier and more convenient for Americans to incorporate the EV lifestyle into their everyday lives. Expanding our network is critical in accelerating the electrification of transportation in the U.S.”

As part of the collaboration, EVCS will install and manage the ongoing operation of its convenient and accessible fast charging stations, powered by 100% renewable energy at certain LA Fitness and Esporta Fitness centers. As a commercial site participant, Fitness International will benefit from EVCS’ revenue-sharing program and experience new and increased visibility by providing a convenient amenity to a fast-growing market segment.

“We are excited to provide these fast-charging stations to our members and guests with electric vehicles,” said Andrea Ojeda, VP of Marketing, Fitness International, LLC. “Charging up while you’re working out in select LA Fitness and Esporta Fitness parking lot locations will be another convenient amenity we’re happy to provide to our members.”

The project with Fitness International is the latest in a series of EVCS announcements demonstrating the company’s rapid growth in expanding its EV infrastructure and network. EVCS recently expanded its business model by partnering with iKahan Media to combine its EVCS chargers with state-of-the-art LED screens for digital advertising.

As EVCS continues to expand its EV fast charging network and business model, EVCS is considering potential equity financing opportunities. Investors and interested parties can contact the Investment Banking Division of Jett Capital Advisors below.

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