eBikeGo Partners with SKS Clintech for Installation of Solar Powered Batteries


Amid a rush by some countries to field electric cars and obtain gas and diesel cars off the road  as soon as possible, not enough consideration is given to only how environmentally costly it  will be to supply EV batteries for an all-electric future. Even now the batteries of electric  vehicles which are charged by electricity have some carbon footprint. According to the  Researchers, battery production for electric vehicles ultimately produces more carbon dioxide  up to 74 percent more than an efficient conventional car if those batteries are produced in a  factory powered by fossil fuels. 

To reduce the emission of carbon footprint in the atmosphere and provide a green & Clean  way of mobility, India’s leading EV mobility solution provider, eBikeGo tied up with SKS  CleanTech to convert their complete fleet with Solar Energy charged batteries and become the  first carbon neutral mobility company. Under this, batteries of all the vehicles of eBikeGo will  be charged with solar energy to avoid any carbon emission. 

To date, all the vehicles have been charged in houses and offices that are the reason these  batteries have some carbon footprint. A normal vehicle emits 1 kg of carbon with every unit.  eBikeGo always wanted to go with clean energy, that’s why they have installed solar panels  where batteries will be charged with solar energy and vehicles will come and swap the  batteries. These Solar Panels will be installed in buildings and the batteries which will be used  in their EV will be 100% Solar powered.  

We at eBikeGo are very happy and delighted to work out something which is environmentally  friendly and to convert our fleet with zero carbon emission. While dealing with this  unprecedented pandemic, we learned that the more we become eco-friendly by planting trees  around us and get more conscious towards the environment to become carbon negative, we can  save our mother earth for our next generation. We aim to work towards green and clean air this  year and that’s why plan to install this facility in January 2021” said Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder  and CEO of eBikeGo.

Solar panels installed in Factories use DC, eBikeGo will regulate voltage current to divert and  charge the batteries. Installation of Solar panels has started from Mumbai on a Pilot basis.  Later will be installed in all tier 1 and tier 2 cities in the coming months. From start to end, all  high-speed vehicles use 2Kw batteries and every battery requires 2 units of power to charge  that emits approximately 2kg per battery per day. By using solar energy to charge their  batteries, eBikeGo has become the first company with zero or pure carbon emissions. Also,  solar power will charge the batteries 30% faster than the regular electricity due to using direct  current and a 100 sq.ft. Area is required to install a 1kw solar panel that means it is easily  accessible. 

“We are glad to join forces with eBikeGo to give versatility arrangements without hurting the  climate. Our slogan is industry nature for a greener future, on the off chance that we need that  our group of people yet to come will take in clean air, at that point we as a whole need to run  after this from today. Our thought process is to lessen the outflow of carbon impression in the  climate regardless of what the business is” said Sunder Iyer, Founder & CEO, SKS CleanTech

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