eBikeGo Acquires Manufacturing and Marketing Rights for ‘Muvi’


eBikeGo recently acquired the product license rights to manufacture ‘Muvi’ Electric Vehicles of leading Spanish automotive company Torrot in India. This electric vehicle will be manufactured and sold in India and across the world. eBikeGo intends to capture 5% of the worldwide two-wheeled electric vehicle market with its manufacturing.

With Muvi, eBikeGo is optimistic and confident to highly influence the adoption of EV in India. Muvi is an IoT and AI enabled electric vehicle with well-connected features and can be easily controlled and monitored via a smartphone. It has a Switching Battery, allowing consumers to use Swapping Stations But the Correct Phrase is “It has a Portable battery, allowing consumers to Conveniently Swap them at Stations”. Designed in Europe, keeping utmost standards in mind and having widely accepted by 14 established e-commerce and shared mobility companies, Muvi is set to provide users with all the advantages of an EV in a more secure and convenient manner.

At present, so many Indian EV companies are notoriously importing kits from China, assembling them, and selling to the masses which degrades the perceived quality. On the other hand, few EV companies are at their nascent stage and are still designing, prototyping, and validating the products, hence scaling being a major challenge for them. With Muvi, Torrot has invested largely in R&D since 2015, keeping the necessity to cater to a global market and has successfully developed and sold 30,000 units in Europe. This proves an advantageous move for eBikeGo to get their hands on a Go-to-Market ready product.

“We are extremely happy to have acquired the license of manufacturing ‘Muvi’, one of the leading electric vehicles from renowned international automotive company Torrot in India. Taking about facts, approx. 25 million two-wheelers are sold every year in India alone. Out of which, electric two-wheelers only constitute of a small fragment (0.3 %). This fraction has been constantly observed throughout last 6 years which heavily indicates the lack of market acceptance. Presently, the major issue is that customer-centric approach is lacking. We are certain that traditional vehicles, which

are the sole cause of Carbon Emission, can be easily and effectively replaced by Muvi. This will greatly help us to broaden our horizons and to further become the front-runner of electric mobility adoption in the country. Muvi, being a technologically advanced vehicle and already operating in 12 countries, does not require any homologation to supply in these markets, opening ways for global presence.” said Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO of eBikeGo. 

Electric mobility adoption is inevitable as two-wheelers will drive faster global electric adoption. Atleast 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted globally, with the vehicle sector accounting for atleast 27% of this. Two-wheelers account for more than 60% of total carbon emissions. With best-in-class, established technology and platform for seamless customer engagement via intuitive, comprehensive in-app experience, eBikeGo has proved to be significant for urban centres and aims to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

Muvi is specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds: comfort and safety. The vehicle is lightweight and practical, weighing only 83kgs. It has a power of 4.1 CV (3 Kw) which is equivalent to 125 cc. It can go upto 100 km in Eco mode with a top speed of 60 km/hr.

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