DAS Solar brings N-type 3.0 Black Series module

DAS Solar brings N-type 3.0 Black Series module to Germany at Intersolar Europe 2023


DAS Solar presented its upgrading N-type 3.0 Black Series module at the Intersolar Europe 2023, bringing the high-performance module to the Europe market.

The Intersolar Europe is the largest and most influential solar energy exhibition worldwide. DAS Solar unveiled the upgrading N-type 3.0 Black Series, including the DAS BLACK, BLACK FRAME, and BLACK THRU modules. Furthermore, DAS Solar showcased the 630W and 585W N-type 3.0 bifacial dual-glass module and lightweight modules. Among these offerings, the new generation of upgrading N-type 3.0 Black Series modules designed for the rooftop market has gained popularity at the Intersolar. The series utilizes M10 cell technology and a new layout design with 54 cells. It not only adopts the N-type TOPCon 3.0 technology but also achieves a module power output of up to 440W and an impressive conversion efficiency of 22.5%. Additionally, it creatively incorporates a new coating technique combined with colorless coated glass, resulting in a unified all-black design with black frame, black back-sheet, and black busbars. The thin dual-glass design makes module lighter than traditional single-glass modules, facilitating transportation and installation, while perfectly adapting to rooftop projects. The first-year degradation rate of less than 1% and subsequent annual degradation of no more than 0.4%. Furthermore, it boasts lower water permeability and superior fire resistance, resulting in increased reliability and durability. With outstanding low-light performance, it ensures efficient and robust power output even during early mornings, evenings, and cloudy weather conditions. The upgrading N-type 3.0 Black Series has obtained certifications from institutions such as TÜV and CE. Moreover, it provides customers with a reassuring 25-year material warranty and a 30-year linear power warranty.

DAS Solar is committed to providing better services to the global market. DAS Solar established its German subsidiary at the beginning of 2023, marking a significant milestone in global expansion. In the future, DAS Solar will persist in its efforts to penetrate international markets and be dedicated to driving the global shift towards green energy transformation and advancement.

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