Catalyst Power Launched Cleaner Energy Services



HARTFORD — Catalyst Power, an integrated provider of cleaner energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, is launching diversified power services in Connecticut. Catalyst Power provides a range of cleaner energy solutions to Connecticut businesses, including custom-priced energy service, Connected Microgrids, and other onsite solar projects that allow companies to reduce energy costs, monetize their roof, meet sustainability goals, and ensure energy resilience. The launch coincides with the beginning of the Connecticut Non-Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Program, which creates the opportunity for businesses to install solar onsite at no cost and collect monthly payments.

Connecticut businesses interested in partnering with Catalyst Power need to move quickly. Solar projects less than 200 kWs will be awarded contracts in February on a first come first serve basis and compensated via a 20-year fixed incentive rate. Larger projects will be selected in mid-March 2022 based on a bid per unit of electricity submitted and compensated over 20 years at that bid price.

“Connecticut businesses have a fantastic opportunity to significantly reduce their energy costs–and generate new sources of revenue with solar energy. We’re thrilled to be entering the Connecticut market to help businesses–which pay among the highest energy prices in the country– save while building their long-term sustainability,” said Gabriel Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power Holdings. “Connecticut’s middle market has been underserved for too long. They are an important part of Connecticut’s economy that deserves access to all the benefits of cheaper, cleaner energy–we’re here to help them.”

Catalyst Power develops innovative energy supply solutions for commercial and industrial companies, with a focus on a first-of-its-kind network of Connected Microgrids, a no-up-front-cost custom solution using onsite solar panels and with back-up generators, as well as retail power and gas supply. Catalyst Power provides small- to industrial-sized businesses access to distributed generation through our network of Connected Microgrids. The company utilizes a proprietary technology platform that provides a fresh perspective on data to identify, underwrite, fund, and provide solutions to customers while operating more cost-effective onsite energy projects for our retail energy clients.


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