BLUETTI Introduces Reliable Power Solutions to Ukraine


BLUETTI has made a strategic market entry into Ukraine by offering several convenient power stations on its new Ukrainian website to power households through possible blackouts.

BLUETTI Portable Generators for Emergency

For emergency power needs, BLUETTI offers the EB series grab-and-go generators, with the EB3A weighing only 4,6kg. The EB55 and EB70 are also handy and powerful for various power needs. Sporting multiple outlets, they can power phones, radios, drones, and small appliances like car fridges all at once. Additionally, they support efficient solar charging for a constant power supply when the grid is unavailable.

BLUETTI Home Backup Power Stations

BLUETTI’s AC200 series, such as the AC200P and AC200MAX, serve as powerful home backup power generators. They come with around 2kWh capacity and multiple outlets, powering most home appliances and even air conditioners. The flagship model AC200MAX even has an RV-specific 30A NEMA TT-30 outlet for outdoor excursions.

For prolonged power outages, BLUETTI’s AC300 and AC500 modular power stations serve as perfect uninterrupted power sources. The AC300 allows users to choose 1-4 B300 battery packs for flexible capacity ranging from 3.072Wh to 12.288Wh, capable of powering an entire house for several days. The AC500 goes a step further with 5.000W power and a maximum storage of 18.432Wh with 6 B300S batteries. It also includes a self-heating function to withstand sub-zero temperatures down to -20°C.

In the realm of home-specific solutions, BLUETTI offers the EP series, which includes the all-in-one EP500, an off-grid power station with wheels for mobility, and the EP600, a grid-connected energy storage system. The EP600 can seamlessly connect with either new or existing solar panels to help users achieve power self-sufficiency and earn feed-in credits. This easy-to-install system provides 6.000 watts and a substantial 19,8kWh capacity, ensuring reliable home backup power.

BLUETTI’s entry into the Ukrainian market promises to address the nation’s energy challenges effectively. Their innovative power product range will power Ukrainians through harsh winters and beyond.

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