Blackview OSCAL Rolls Out PowerMax 3600


Blackview & OSCAL is embarking on a pioneering venture by infusing the unbreakable capabilities of rugged phones into power stations with PowerMax 3600.

What sets the PowerMax 3600 apart from the rest? Explore further on YouTube.

First Attempt at Rugged Power Station

Concerns about accidental drops are allayed by its reinforced ABS+PC material construction with up to 0.8m vertically drop-proofness. From the edges of wet lakes to dusty building sites, it effectively blocks the entry of certain solid particles and vertical splashes of water. Be it in Alaska’s glaciers or Sahara deserts, it remains unaffected from -20°C to 55°C. (Ideal from -10°C to 45°C). Not only does PowerMax 3600 offer five LED light modes for illumination, but it can be used to transmit more information using Morse code.

Expandable Power with Luggage-like Design

Compared to others with fixed capacity, PowerMax 3600 delivers an expandable capacity from 3.6kWh to 57.6 kWh with up to 15*extra battery packs (3.6kWh/Per). Despite its outsized capacity, it spares users a world of hassle thanks to its luggage-like design with handles and wheels. Whether it’s for RVs or home emergencies, its 3,600W power output can power 99% of the essential devices. In the case of an unplanned outage, all the charging outlet demands will be satisfied with its 14 outlet sources.

Long-lasting battery & Super-fast UPS Switchover

PowerMax 3600 combo relies on particularly robust  LiFePO4 battery cells. As safe as it is, it includes an eightfold protection battery management system (BMS), so any potential glitches can be promptly fixed. If the grid goes down, the 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system won’t leave users groping in the dark in as little as 5 ms.

Multiple Recharging Methods: Fuel up to 80% in Just 0.96Hrs

In addition to conventional charging methods such as AC charging, solar charging, car charging, and dual chargingPowerMax 3600 is covered with an array of energy systems: EV charging stations, gas generators, lead-acid batteries, and most of the eco-friendly and zero-cost energy from solar, wind, or water sources. When paired with PV and AC input, it charges from 0% to 80% SOC at a rate of 3600W in just  0.96H.

User-friendly Control and Eco-friendly Usage

Apart from featuring an oversized LCD display with easy-to-read font sizesOSCAL PowerMax 3600 adopts thumb-sized buttons for in-unit control and a smart app for remote control. Unlike gas generators, it works without emitting toxic fumes or disturbing the peace with only 62dB max(1.5M distance), making it usable in even confined spaces.

Price & Availability

Get ready for the unveiling of Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 on Indiegogo, starting on Jan 10, 2024, at 6 AM PST. Act fast to be among the first 200 backers who can get the competitive offer with nearly 50% off for only $1799 (originally $3399).

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