ASDC Highlights Future Automotive Talent at India Skills 2024


New Delhi – The Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) proudly marks its presence at India Skills 2024, a premier national competition dedicated to showcasing and nurturing vocational talent. The event, hosted at Yashobhoomi, features a diverse assembly of industry experts, jury members, and ASDC representatives, all focused on guiding and evaluating candidates in the automotive sector.

Day 1 saw a significant turnout, with 92 candidates participating in the event. The highlight of the day was a familiarisation session where industry experts and jury members introduced candidates to the competition’s intricacies. This session provided essential insights into the competition format and allowed participants to engage with industry professionals, receiving valuable guidance for the days ahead.

In the automotive skills category, participants will be demonstrating their expertise across various disciplines, including Additive Manufacturing, Auto Body Repair, Automobile Technology, Car Painting, Industrial Control, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Team Challenge, Robot System Integration, and Welding. These activities are designed to test not only technical skills but also the candidates’ creativity, precision, and ability to perform under pressure.

India Skills 2024 offers a crucial platform for young talent to showcase their skills and gain national recognition. ASDC’s involvement in the event underscores its commitment to empowering the future workforce in the automotive industry. The council is dedicated to equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their field.

“India Skills 2024 is essential for identifying and nurturing new talent in the automotive sector. It provides young individuals with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills, gain invaluable insights, and interact with leading industry professionals. Our participation highlights ASDC’s dedication to fostering skill development and innovation. Through such initiatives, we contribute not only to individual growth but also to the broader progress of our industry and economy,” stated Mr. F.R. Singhvi, President at ASDC.

Mr. Vinkesh Gulati, Vice President of ASDC, added, “Our commitment to skill development is reflected in our active participation at India Skills 2024. This event is a testament to the incredible potential of our youth and the future of the automotive industry. By providing a platform for young talent to shine, we are not only recognizing their hard work but also encouraging continuous improvement and innovation in automotive skills.”

ASDC extends its gratitude to all participants, experts, jury members, and stakeholders who contributed to the success of India Skills 2024. The council remains committed to fostering a skilled and competitive workforce, in alignment with the nation’s vision for economic growth and prosperity.

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