Altus Power Completes Solar Array in Ewa by Hawaii


GREENWICH, Conn., Oct. 14, 2020- recently completed construction of a 7.5-megawatt ground-mounted solar system in Ewa, Hawaii. Altus Power partnered with developer Environmental Chemical Corporation (“ECC”) and with engineering, procurement and construction contractor REC Solar Commercial Corporation. At the dedication ceremony, the partners were pleased to have Governor David Ige in attendance, as well as state and local representatives.

The project will generate over 12,400 megawatt hours of electricity during its first year of operation.  The output from the project is purchased by Hawaiian Electric Company (“HECO”), pursuant to a Public Utilities Commission (PUC)-approved Feed-In Tariff Tier III Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The project will further reduce the state’s carbon footprint and contribute to Hawaii’s goal of generating 100% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2045. The system’s annual production is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 1,726 passenger vehicles driven for a year, or the CO2 emissions from burning 8,959,202 pounds of coal.

“The reason the project is important is because [Altus Power] invested in the infrastructure in the area. The fact that they made an investment to get connected to the grid really enables other redevelopment in this area. Connecting to the Coast Guard and the transmission line will help us to do more out here. We’re beginning to see an acceleration. Converting earlier is a win-win. It not only helps the environment, but it also helps to reduce costs”, said Governor Ige.

The project is Altus Power’s second major investment in Hawaii. The utility-scale solar site is now home to numerous raised rows of solar panels, totaling 21,500 solar PV modules. The remainder of the 44-acre parcel mauka of the solar site, in Kalaeloa Heritage Park, contains preserved archeological features and artifacts.

“The public-private partnership with the landowner, Hawaiian Community Development Authority, and the sale of renewable power to Hawaiian Electric, together with the assistance of many other stakeholders, moves the state of Hawaii closer to achieving its renewable energy targets. We look forward to working with ECC, Hawaiian Electric, and new local partners, to deploy more capital and grow renewable energy in this great state”, said Sean Rheuben, Managing Director of Altus Power.

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