Addmotor Released its 2023 Electric Tricycles

Addmotor unveils its next-generation electric trikes applying EB2.0 UL certified 48V*20Ah battery pack extending the riding range to 85+miles per charge and enhancing safety.


EL MONTE, Calif. : Addmotor–an online marketplace that serves as a one-stop-shop for electric bikes and trikes of all levels–releases its 2023 electric tricycles with an EB2.0 UL-certified 48*20Ah battery pack. Compared to the original 48V*17.5Ah battery, this new battery pack will undoubtedly add more value to the electric tricycle and benefit customers to a large extent.

When it comes to the safety compliance of electric bikes, it raises the question of the safety of the battery pack, which is also the top concern for Addmotor. That is why Addmotor prioritized getting the newly designed 48V*20AH battery pack UL certified. But there are many e-bike batteries on the market, so what makes this battery pack different? And what are the benefits?

1. More than cells, Addmotor’s entire battery pack meets UL standards

Sometimes we can see some other e-bike battery pictures bearing a UL Mark, but they only refer to the battery cells or the motor instead of the entire battery pack. Addmotor’s battery pack was sent to a specialized lab and underwent several tests, one of these tests was a 5-ton pressure test to check its durability.

2. 48V*20AH, larger battery capacity

Some battery packs are marketed with UL mark but have a smaller capacity than Addmotor, such as 48V*10.4AH, 48V*13AH, 48V*15AH, etc.

Featuring Samsung’s latest high-capacity 21700 battery cells combination, Addmotor’s 48V*20AH battery pack has a larger cell capacity (reaching 5,000mha), and it can increase the riding range up to 85+ miles for the e-trikes. Additionally, the max discharge current has improved to reach 3C (Samsung 18650 2600mha is 2C), which means it can better control the temperature and provide protection for the overall safety of the battery.

3. Independent research and development

Addmotor has designed a new integrated battery assembly bracket. Inner cable alignment is more reasonable and space-saving now. The support system matches the protection module perfectly, providing the strongest protection for all components and can withstand huge external pressure. 

Additionally, a reinforced and thickened battery case mounting rail seat made of high-strength materials includes up to 8 extended card and lock card slots. The guide rails are designed with dual parallel mounting holes to ensure balance and stability when installed on the electric bike frame. 

Benefits of this EB2.0 48V*20AH battery pack include:

  • Faster charging can be done on a regular basis.
  • Sustained power throughout the discharge cycle – leading to as much as 50% energy savings compared to a traditional lead-acid battery.
  • Made from stable lithium-ion chemistry, sealed inside the battery with no risk of spillage.
  • An internal battery management system that balances the cells and regulates temperatures.
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